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Library regulations are designed to create a quiet and comfortable learning environment for all library users. Feedback from students supports the need to enforce these regulations.

1. Books can only be borrowed with a current student card or other photographic identification.

2. Student cards must not be loaned to other readers; books borrowed on a student card are the responsibility of that student.

3. The Library is a quiet area of study; even quiet conversation can disrupt the work of other readers. All conversation should take place outside the Library.

4. Bottled water may be brought into the Library but other food and drinks should be consumed outside the Library.

5. Mobile phones must be switched onto silent while in the Library. If unattended phones are found ringing they will be removed to the issue desk. Readers talking on a mobile phone will be asked to leave the library.

6. Readers must leave the Library immediately when the alarm bell rings and should follow the directions of library staff.

7. Any accident in the Library should be reported immediately to library staff.

8. Readers must return to the issue desk if the book detection system alarms. Books will be rechecked and bags may be searched by library staff.

9. Students from other third level institutions may use the Library for study purposes if space is available. They must sign the visitor's book and show a current student card.

10. Library staff may ask readers to leave the Library if they contravene library regulations. Persistent breaches will be reported to the librarian.

11. Copyright legislation and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence guides all photocopying of library materials. CLA summaries are posted at each library photocopier and staff and students must abide by the guidelines.

12. Overdue books will incur fines. It is the responsibility of each student to check their college email daily for overdue and recalls notices.

13. Readers must not damage or deface library property. The replacement cost will be charged if an item on loan is found to be badly damaged on return.