In The Picture — 25 August 2021

Early Years Literacy Conference



Early Years Literacy Conference


St Mary’s University College Belfast and Dublin City University lecturers are linking up to create a teacher education conference which will explore the use of rich and varied children’s literature in early reading instruction.

The aim of the online conference on Thursday, 16 September (3:30-7:00 pm) is to energise and inspire teachers, student teachers and teacher educators in their use of children's literature in the teaching of early reading. The conference 'An Exploration of the use of Children's Literature in Early Years Reading within a balanced Literacy Framework' was co-created by Dr Geraldine Magennis of St Mary’s University College and Dr Tara Concannon-Gibney of Dublin City University.

Commenting on the significance of the learning opportunity Dr Magennis said, "The conference will deliver insights into how high-quality children's literature might be used to develop and embed a wide and varied range of reading strategies and dispositions in the early years classroom. It will explore the potential of such texts to engage, entertain, and challenge children's ability to decipher complex works and to think critically".

The conference is funded by SCoTENS which was established in 2003 to create a safe space for teacher educators across Ireland to come together and discuss issues of common interest, and explore ways of co-operating closely together. A part of the broader peace dynamic that was gathering momentum on the island of Ireland at the time, it has always been rooted in the deepest commitment of quality teaching and learning for all.


You can register here for the free conference.