In The Picture — 5 August 2021

Irish Language Strategy



Department for Communities - Expert advisory panel members


Congratulations to Dr Gabrielle Nig Uidhir who has been appointed to the Expert Panel for the Irish Language Strategy.


Language Strategies Expert Advisory Panel membership
Ulster-Scots Language, Heritage & Culture Strategy Irish Language Strategy
Mr Ian Crozier Mr Julian de Spáinn
Dr Frank Ferguson Mr Jake Mac Siacais
Dr David Hume Dr Janet Muller
Ms Helen Mark Dr Gabrielle Nig Uidhir
Mr Lee Reynolds Prof Malachy Ó Néill


The Strategies

The Irish Language Strategy and the Strategy for Ulster-Scots Language, Heritage and Culture will bring focus to enhance and protect the development of the Irish language and enhancing and developing the Ulster-Scots language, heritage and culture.


The Minister has announced the establishment of Expert Advisory Panels that will bring together a wide range of academic and community experience in shaping the strategies. Two further groups will support, advise and work alongside the Department in developing and producing each of the strategies, and wider consultation will also take place towards ensuring that the strategies meet community need.