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Relevance and Responsiveness



Local artist Micheál Gallagher with Easter Rising artwork

Local artist Micheál Gallagher with Easter Rising artwork


Féile an Phobail at St Mary’s has come to an end for another year, and with over fifty talks and debates, as well as numerous artistic exhibitions, it was bigger than ever.

Then along came the West Belfast Partnership Board’s Summer Transition School with over two-hundred pupils, which was supported by St Mary’s Widening Access Officer, Susan Morgan, and fifteen student volunteers who worked as classroom assistants throughout the week.


West Belfast Partnership Summer School 2016



Such community engagement contributes to the College’s relevance in the contemporary world and points to its responsiveness to the needs of local people and organisations. It also fulfils an important aspect of the mission of St Mary’s: to make a significant contribution, in the Catholic tradition, to higher education and the common good.