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Job Title(s)Coordinator for Placement Learning
Principal Lecturer
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Human Development Studies

Short Description

As Coordinator for Placement Learning I have been responsible for the development of the BA Liberal Arts Placement Learning Programmes. Associated modules have developed each year resulting from Student Evaluations, Employer Reports, the Module Review procedure and information gained through attendance at local and national Work Related Learning conferences. Within the degree programme students are afforded the opportunity to spend a period of placement in a range of Public, Private and some Third sector businesses or organisations. Students are prepared for all likely demands of such a placement and are expected to focus and evidence employability skills development in a Placement Learning Portfolio. The opportunity to confirm future career or post-graduate interests is a desired outcome of this experience. Coordinator contact with participating organisations is maintained and feedback is taken into consideration for assessment purposes and contributes to the regular review of associated modules.

The Placement Learning aspects of the degree programme has been designed on a backdrop of published research. All support teaching, administration procedures and support documentation has been designed, reviewed and managed by the Corordinator. Although this learning framework is set to support student Career and Personal Development and to create a culture of Lifelong Learning, the programme takes account of the changing world of work.

As a Principal Lecturer my lecturing commitments include some business related aspects of the Liberal Arts degree programme including issues related to Globalisation and Marketing. These module elements have been informed by my many years as Senior Lecturer in the Business Studies Department.

Current Research

I was appointed as Project Officer for the European Union Peace II, Proteus (NI Ltd) funded project: ‘Enabling Lecturers to Learn from Business’ December 2004-June 2006.

The core aim of the project was to provide opportunities for lecturers to enhance their skills and understanding in the area of business and entrepreneurship through placement learning. Participating lecturers experienced placements in a range of businesses and organisations from the Private, Public and Social sectors within the Northern Ireland economy. Lecturers had an opportunity for skills development and became involved in the mutual exchange of expertise and ‘know how’ with their partner organisation. Involvement in the project was intended to enhance lecturer delivery of the core themes of the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts degree programme and contribute to graduates acquiring the required leadership qualities to secure high value-added jobs available within the current market environment in Northern Ireland and beyond.Preparation and launch of an overall Project Report (available on the college website) was required and all expenditure associated with the project was subject to an External Financial Audit.

Research interests would include an investigation into student placement learning in the social enterprise and voluntary sectors, as a strategy to enhancing employability skills. Placement Learning is a compulsory aspect of the BA (Hons) Liberal Arts degree programme. Students undertake a six week period of placement in levels 2 and 3 of study, spent mainly, in the public or private sectors. Although some placements have been secured in the social enterprise and voluntary sectors, it is intended to increase the number of placements in businesses and organisations from these sectors and to evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the environment in enhancing student generic employability skills i.e. communication skills, team-working skills, planning and organisational skills. It is intended to raise student awareness of the importance and growth of the social enterprise and voluntary sectors in the economy and to indicate how placement in these sectors serves to inform civic responsibility and may open potential career options for future employment.

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