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Job Title(s)Senior Lecturer in History
Phone No.+44 (0) 28 9026 8205 
Internal Phone No.ext. 205 



International Office

Short Description

For some twenty years I have had great experience, as director, organising annual summer schools for US universities and colleges. These have included Minnesota, Carleton, Michigan, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Old Dominion, Washington & Jefferson, UMASS and many others.

I have spoken at conferences abroad on many occasions including at Villanova Philadelphia, Northfield Minnesota, Westfield Massachusetts, Albany New York State, Fort Lauderdale Florida.

I taught US history in the 20th century (Year 1) for ten years. I teach Irish and British history mid-19th to early 20th century (Year 3) and World Around Us (Year 3 curriculum studies).

I introduced and taught US history in the 20th century (Year 1) for ten years. Presently, I teach Irish and British history mid-19th to early 20th century (Year 3) and World Around Us (Year 3 curriculum studies).

I am a Communications Officer for the College with responsibility for dealing with the media.

I am an Erasmus tutor. I was involved with a project Icons of Identity which involves teachers/teacher educators across Europe.

I have been on teacher mobility to partner institutions and gave lectures on Irish History at Gdansk Poland and Ghent Belgium. Paderborn, Germany

I am part of a team which organised the achieving of Fair Trade Status University for St Mary’s.

I am a founder member and editorial board member of History Ireland magazine.

Current Research

These are reflected in the following selection of my publications

  1. The Making of Irish Linen.
    Publisher: Friars Bush Press Pages: 90 Year: 1994
  2. Nationalism and Unionism, Publisher Institute of Irish Studies (QUB) which I edited and contributed a chapter on the Irish Labour movement. Pages: 32 Year: 1994

  3. Northern Ireland Past and Present (Jurgen Elvert ed), Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart Year: 1994

  4. A Century of Northern Life, (Eamon Phoenix ed) I contributed two chapters on the Labour Movement (6 pages) and Industry ( 9 pages) Publisher : Ulster Historical Foundation Year: 1995

  5. County Monaghan Sources in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
    Publisher: PRONI Pages: 212 Year: 1998

  6. Pathways to Ulster’s Past: Sources and Resources for Local Studies
    Publisher: Institute of Irish Studies (QUB)
    Pages: 158 Year: 1998

  7. The Contest of Memory: The Continuing Impact of 1798 Commemoration
    In Eire-Ireland: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Irish Studies published by the Irish American Cultural Institute Volume No: XXXIV: 2 Pages: 23 Year: Summer 1999

  8. John Freeman: A Life on the Left in Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society
    Volume No: 24 Pages:10 Year: 1999

  9. Remembering ’98, in Causeway: Cultural Traditions Journal
    Volume No: 4,4 Pages: 4 Year: 1997

  10. Ripples from the Rising: the Legacy of 1916 in Causeway: Cultural Traditions Journal
    Volume No: 3,2 Pages: 6 Year: 1996

  11. The Symbols Cd-Rom Interactive Experience: Myth and Memory 1798
    Publisher: The Nerve Centre/ Community Relations Council Year: 2002
    Co-authors: Prof John Turpin, Brigitte Anton

  12. Chapter ‘Remembering 1798’ in Commemorating Ireland: History, Politics, Culture
    Publisher Irish Academic Press Pages: 288 Year: October 2003
    Eberhard Bort (ed)

  13. Who fears to Speak of ’98
    Publisher: Ulster Historical Foundation
    Pages: 198 Year: December 2003

  14. Chapter ‘1932: a case-study in polarization and conflict’ in Conflicts in the North of Ireland, 1900-2000 Publisher four Courts Press pages: 15 Year:2010 Alan Parkinson and Eamon Phoenix (eds)

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