Introducing St Mary’s University College

St Mary’s University College is proud of our reputation as a friendly, welcoming place where staff and students work together and know each other as individuals. Instead of the anonymity and loneliness that can be such a problem for new students in large institutions you will find many new friends in a community that is full of energy, fun and enthusiasm. Our current programme of expansion means that we welcome more students than ever to be part of St Mary’s. In addition to the student teachers who have been the core of St Mary’s for the past 100 years, our BA (Liberal Arts) programme has brought new students with new career ambitions and interests to give a new dimension to life in the College. Our Masters degree programmes have given extra life to the College in the evenings. Past students have returned for further study and we have welcomed new students whose initial studies were in other universities and colleges.

A College of Queen’s University Belfast

While there are benefits in being small, there are also benefits in joining a large University. As a College of Queen’s University we carry all of the benefits and responsibilities that membership of a major university entails. All of our degree courses are Queen’s awards. As a student of St Mary’s you are also a student of Queen’s and your Queen’s student card will admit you to the libraries, Students’ Union, the PEC and other facilities of the University in the same way as for any other Queen’s student.


Photograph of SMUCB Library