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September 2021
PGCE Student Welcome Week  Mon - Fri  06 - 10 September
PGCE Student Welcome Lunch  Mon  06 September
Students' Union Executive Training Day  Mon  06 September
Undergraduate Student Welcome Week  Mon - Thu  20 - 23 September
Campus Vaccination [for first vaccine (Moderna)]  Mon - Thu  20 - 23 September
Foundation Day  Wed  22 September
International Students Lunch  Wed  29 September
Students' Union BBQ - Beehive  Wed  29 September 
October 2021
World Teachers Day: Launch of Teacher Profession Project  Tue  05 October
Students' Union Musical Auditions  Thu  07 October
Students' Union Freshers' Ball  Tue  12 October
Freshers' Fair  Wed  13 October
Research Seminar Series (RSS): Faking it: Online disinformation, democratic harms, and the right to freedom of expression - Dr. Birgit Schippers  Wed  20 October
Mass for the Dedication of Studies:  Foundation Day  Thu  21 October
Students' Union Halloween Ball  Wed  27 October
November 2021
Mass for the Feast of All Saints  Mon  01 November
Mass for the Feast of All Souls  Tue  02 November
Internet Safety Programme  Tue  02 November
Students' Union Mental Health Week: Mind, Body and Soul  Mon - Thu  08 - 11 November
St Mary's University College Teaching Profession Project Seminar One (Online): Teacher Wellbeing  Tue  09 November
Internet Safety Programme  Tue  09 November
SMUCB Women's Day  Wed  10 November
Students' Union: Live Lounge  Tue  16 November
Students' Union Mental Health Week: Petting Zoo  Tue  16 November
Students' Union Clubland Classic Night  Tue  16 November (TBC)
Annual Mass for Deceased Staff and Students  Wed  17 November
Chris Kerr Mental Health Seminar  Wed  17 November
INTO Mental Health Seminar  Wed  17 November
Research Seminar Series (RSS): Northern Irish Gaeilgeoirí: An investigation of Irish speakers’ identification with the Irish language - Denise McKee  Wed  17 November
International Student Farewell Dinner  Thu  25 November
December 2021
Research Seminar Series (RSS): An exploration of the use of children's literature in early reading within a balanced literacy framework: Initial findings - Dr Geraldine Magennis  Wed  01 December
Students' Union Sexual Health Workshop (filmed by BBC Gaelige)  Wed  01 December
Students' Union Musical: 'High School Musical' - Matinee Show  Wed  08 December
Students' Union Musical: 'High School Musical' - Evening Show  Wed  08 December
Research Seminar Series (RSS): Aspects of Gaelic literature down through the ages - Dr Seán Mac Corraidh  Wed  08 December
Winter Graduation at Queens University (1pm)  Thu  09 December
Students' Union Christmas Ball  Tue  14 December (TBC)
Carol Service  Wed  15 December
St Mary’s Graduate Celebration Event at Queens University  Fri  17 December
January 2022
Research Seminar Series (RSS): The challenges and methods of translating folklore stories into Irish - Padaí de Bléine  Wed  12 January 
Organ Donation Day  Tue  18 January
Catholic Schools Week 2022  Sun - Sat  30 January - 05 February
February 2022
Full Service Community Network Greater Falls Extended Cluster Meeting  Tue  01 February
Mass for the Dedication of School Experience and Work Related Learning  Thu  03 February
Comhairle na Gaelscolaiochta Training  Thu - Fri  03 - 04 February
BEd Interviews  Mon - Wed  14 - 16 February

PGCE (PP) Irish-medium and Irish language Enhancement Course

 Sat  19 February
March 2022
Mass for Ash Wednesday  Wed  02 March
BEd Interviews  Mon - Wed  14 - 17 February
April 2022
PGCE Interviews  Tue - Wed  05 - 06 Apr
May 2022
Annual Mass for Examinations  Thu  19 May
Students' Union Elections - Open Nominations  TBC  TBC
Students' Union Elections - Hustings Day  TBC  TBC
Students' Union Elections - Polling Day  TBC  TBC
June 2022
PGCE Commencement Ceremony   Fri  10 June
Religious Education Commencement Ceremony  Wed  15 June
Liberal Arts Commencement Ceremony  Wed  22 June
Graduation at Queen's University  Wed - Fri  30 June - 08 July
July 2022
M-Level Programme for Teacher Professional Learning: Summer School  Fri- Thu  01 - 07 July