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Vision To inspire and develop highly-competent, reflective teaching professionals with a strong sense of moral purpose and a vocational commitment to the holistic development of their pupils and the improvement of society
FrameworkThe Memorandum of Agreement with Queen’s University BelfastThe Northern Ireland Curriculum and Learning Leaders Strategy for Teacher Professional LearningThe GTCNI Charter, Code of Values and the Competence Framework for the Professional Development of TeachersPartnerships with Schools and Irish‑Medium Education Stakeholders The College Corporate Plan and Subsidiary Strategies
Learning and Teaching in the Primary School

(M-Level Module)
Language and Literacy (Irish)
Building foundations of oral language; Inspiring a love of reading and writing; immersion pedagogies to support literacy development; assessment; early interventions
Irish Language
Oral and written; grammar, phonology, lexicon; on-line resources; practical application such as writing a CV; modelling high standard Irish in the classroom






Best Practice


Irish Medium Issues
Theories of immersion, education, research-based literature on bilingual processes; innovation and creativity in IME; Áisaonad resources; employability; parental involvement
Holistic Learning
Contemporary research and scholarship in child development; application in professional practice; case study; the psychology of learning and factors that enhance pupil well-being
Special Educational Needs
Range of SEN in the mainstream school; difference between underachievement and learning difficulties; use and interpretation of data; identification and targeting of SEN; appropriate strategies to address SEN
Early Years in Education
Current issues in selected areas of the primary curriculum, in particular Nursery and Early Years; understanding a variety of observational techniques & their contribution to meaningful assessment
Effective Communication and Academic Writing - Writing Centre, Peer Tutors
School-Based Work

(H-Level Module)
Term One
Irish-medium School Placement at Foundation or Key Stage One
  • requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum
  • principles which underpin effective teaching
  • effective immersion pedagogy which informs Irish-medium education practices
  • child protection

Focus on Literacy, Numeracy
and school policies
Term Two
English-medium School Placement at Key Stage Two
Building on professional competences from Term One
  • plan, implement and evaluate teaching schemes
  • manage and organise classroom routines
  • self evaluation of professional development
  • case study in classroom setting

Focus on SEN
Term Three
Irish-medium School Placement at Key Stage Two
Further developing professional competences as reflective practitioners
  • professional values and practice
  • professional knowledge and understanding
  • professional skills and application

Focus on assessment, UICT, school policies and development plan, SEN, induction phase, ex-curricular activities
Professional Development and School Experience
Teaching Studies, Reflective Professional Practice, Planning for Induction
  • competences for successful teaching and research underpinning them
  • particular emphasis on communication skills and working with others
  • the importance of reflecting critically on practice
  • links between educational theory and practice

Practical Experiences: Special school or nursery placement, Gaeltacht-based course, Irish-medium conference
Perspectives on the Primary Curriculum

(M-Level Module)

Developing positive attitudes to mathematics, building confidence and competence, secure subject and pedagogical knowledge, inclusive practice, mathematical language, planning for immersion context, UICT
Language and Literacy (English)

Inspiring students to become informed and creative teachers of language, varied approaches to developing literacy, drama and storytelling, comprehension, critical literacy, assessment

Statutory curriculum and assessment requirements, internet safety, integration of UICT into areas of teaching and learning, practical workshops, C2K, tablet technology
Creativity World Around Us
Physical Education

Understanding the principles underpinning the P.E. Curriculum, developing appropriate methods of teaching games, gymnastics and dance
Art & Design

Appreciating the role of art in children’s learning, creativity in teaching and learning, informed art making activities

Working creatively with sound, performing, listening and responding to music; role of music in primary school curriculum

Exploring a variety of teaching strategies and approaches to the teaching of history in context of WAU

Understanding Northern Ireland Curriculum requirements for The World Around Us, planning integrated topics relating to WAU

Demonstrating a knowledge of primary science in the WAU, developing skills, concepts and attitudes relating to primary science
Underpinning Ethos, Values, Attitudes and DispositionsCatholic Identity
The Catholic Intellectual Tradition,
Catholic Education and Catholic Social Teaching
Shared Education
Promoting respect, understanding and co‑operation with others
for a more pluralist and diverse society
International Dimension
Enriching the educational, social and cultural lives of students to promote a broader and more inclusive world view.