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St Mary’s University College Open Days and Events

Virtual Open Day
Virtual Event Recording

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Virtual Open Night Video Index

Segment start and end times in the video are shown in parentheses at the end of each topic

  1. Prof. Peter Finn - Welcome and introduction to St Mary's. (0.00-4.34)
  2. Dr Martin Hagan (BEd Programme Director) - The BEd Programme & the Employment Landscape (4.35-10.08)
  3. Dr Claire Connolly (School Experience Co-ordinator) - The importance of Professional Development & School Experience. (10.09-13.42)
  4. Video: 'Why Teaching?' - Past and present students of St Mary's reflect on why they chose to get into teaching. (13.43-17.52)
  5. Prof. Peter Finn - Reflection on the importance of Subject Specialism. (17.53-19.45)
  6. Déaglán Murphy (Déaglán Ó Murchú) - The Role of the Students' Union President & Student Life in St Mary's. (19.46-22.38)
  7. Caolán Dillon (Caolán Diolún) - The Role of the Students' Union Vice-President & St Mary's Clubs and Societies. (22.39-25.26)
  8. Prof. Peter Finn - The BA Liberal Arts Degree: A degree with a difference. (25.27-29.09)
  9. Dr Tracey McKay - Communication Skills & Professional Development in the Liberal Arts degree programme. (29.10-35.25)
  10. Joan Campbell - Work Related Learning & Career Pathways. (35.26-42.25)
  11. Video: 'Why Liberal Arts?' - Past and present students of St Mary's reflect on why they chose to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts. (42.26-45.10)
  12. Prof. Peter Finn - personal reflections on the Liberal Arts degree. (45.11-47.17)
  13. Deirdre Cree (Student Guidance and Support) - Pastoral Care in St Mary's. (47.19-52.33)
  14. Ruairi Wilson - The Role of the Student Support Officer in supporting students with a disability or additional needs. (52.34-56-30)
  15. Prof. Peter Finn - Closing Remarks & Thanks. (56.31-58.26)
  16. Video: 'Class of 2020' - A visual representation of the life of a student at St Mary's. (58.27-1.01.55)

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