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Admissions Decisions and Notification of Applicant Results


The College operates a post qualification admission system whereby offers are made directly by the College (and not through UCAS) following the release of A level or equivalent examination results. All applicants who remain eligible for a place at St Mary’s will receive an email advising them of the decision making process during the summer.


The most important item of information concerns the notification of results as the College does not receive these from UCAS. The College will receive GCE A level results directly from CCEA. However, in relation to all other awarding bodies, grades for examinations taken this summer need to be provided by the applicant by email, fax or post. Due to the large volume of applications and the need to allocate places as quickly as possible, results should be provided on the day of publication or no later than three days after the publication date. The College is grateful for any support schools are able to provide for your students in this task.


The College web site will provide updates for applicants in respect of their offer status. School Careers teachers are also able to look up progress in relation to their students, subject to the applicant providing the College with their consent. If you have not received details relating to this facility, please contact Academic Registry.


In order to be able to process decisions expediently, time will be limited in the Academic Registry office to deal with telephone and other enquiries. Contact details and opening times will be published in August. We will endeavour to provide a high level of service for all concerned.