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Student Union President

Bronagh McCaughan


Phone: 02890268217


The  President  is  the  Chief  Executive  Officer  and  Political  Leader  of the  Students'  Union.  She  has  responsibility  over  finance, overall Student  policy  and  the  general  administration  of  the  organisation. Bronagh  shall  sit  on  the  NUS-USI  regional  council  and is the Union’s Director  of  Finance.  Furthermore, the  President  oversees  Students’ Union  publications,  communications  and  elections,  reporting  monthly to  the  Students’  Union  Executive  and  College  Principal.  She represents  students  on  every  issue,  sits  on  the  Academic  Board and College  Board  of  Governors.  The President is  also  in  liaison  to  the Faculty  of  Education.  

Student Union Vice President

Damien Ball


Phone: 02890268311



The  Vice-President  has  specific  responsibility  for  Clubs  and  Societies and  will  be working  closely  with  all  clubs  and  societies  this  year: providing  support  and  assistance.  Damien shall sit on the Academic board with the President, Bronagh. He will further oversee  the  work of  the  Welfare  Officer  and  generally  offer  his  assistance  to  the President  on  all  duties  throughout  the  year.   


Finbar Burns (BEd 3 Gaeilge)





Hi  I’m Finbar,  I  will  be  taking  minutes  of  Union  Executive  meetings, whilst  also  taking  minutes  on  behalf  of  the  Academic  Affairs  Officer at SSCC  meetings.  I  will  also  attend  and  promote  social  events  whilst assisting  with  the  general  running  of  the  Students’ Union.  If you have any  queries  at  all,  don't  hesitate  to  get  it  touch  and  I'll  do  my  best  to  point  you  in  the  right  direction.

Jarlath Burns (BA 3 Physical Education)

BA Academic Officer


'Hi I’m Jarlath, I will  oversee  the  work  of  the  student  representative dealing with academic  affairs  of  BA  students  whilst  running  all  SSCC meetings  and  resource  sharing platforms. I will be recruiting BA representatives from each year to represent their class. I will also work alongside the Students’ Union Secretary to take minutes and set agendas of all SSCC meetings. I look forward to the year ahead and if anyone has any problems or questions don't be afraid to approach me and ask.

Bronagh McGilligan (BEd 4 Religion)

BEd Academic Officer


Hello everyone! I'm Bronagh and I am your Academics Officer for the BEd programme. My role this year includes overseeing the work of the student representative dealing with academic affairs of BEd students whilst running all SSCC meetings and resource sharing platforms. Also recruiting BEd representatives from each year to represent  their  class  to  sit  on  our  SSCC  meetings  in  order  to  raise  any academic  issues.  It  is  so  important  that  we  have  our  voices  heard, so don't  think  twice  about  getting  in  touch  with  me.  I'm here to address any  of  these  issues  and  develop  ways  in  which  to  improve  academic satisfaction in the College.

Paul Gunning (BEd 4 Physical Education)

Clubs and Societies Officer


Hi I’m Paul, I will be working closely with Damien, the Vice-President, to support all clubs and societies within the college, ensuring that they are well financed and that their needs are met.  I will  also  have  a  part  to  play  in  the  setting  up  of  new  clubs  and societies  within  the  College.  My advice to all students and in particular  new  students  is  to  get  involved  in  some  way  and  to  make  it easier  bring  a  friend  with  you.  Finally, if you are ever  in  need  of  help or  advice,  just  ask  anyone  on  the  SU  Executive.

Emma Campbell & Michaela Mimnagh (BEd4 Maths & Religious Studies)

Women's Officers


Hey, we are Emma and Michaela your women’s officers for the year ahead. We have a responsibility for Women’s Student Welfare and Health within the college. They will work closely with the Vice-President and the Student Welfare team. We have a special responsibility for women’s issues and are members of the BEd pathway committee and Student Services committee. We are not just here for the women of the college but for everyone. Our advice to you all is to get involved in anything you can from the start of your ranch journey and a must do rule is attend all ranch nights you won't regret it!

Orlaith McAteer & Aoibhinn McGuinness (BEd 3 & 4 Gaeilge)

Irish & Cultural Officers




Dia duit, we are Orlaith and Aoibhinn. Together as your Irish Language and Cultural Officers, we will strive to ensure that the cultural needs of the student body are met: traditional or modern, local or international. We will focus on building upon and maintaining the Student Union’s strong and valuable cultural identity while preserving and promoting the Irish language. We hope to make everyone feel welcome to get involved and enjoy all the cultured nights and events such as the Oíche Airneal. We look forward to a very exciting year within St. Mary's! 'Ní neart go cur le chéile!' 

Lisa McConville (BEd 4 Religious Studies)

Welfare Officer


Hi, I’m Lisa and I will be working together with Students’ Union to ensure that equal opportunities are upheld for the student body, irrespective of the disabilities or issues students may experience. I will also address issues faced by members of the LGBT community within the college. I will try to resolve any problems and provide a driving force for positive amendments and services.

Donal Rafferty (BEd 4 Technology & Design)

Entertainments Officer


Hey I’m Donal,  I  am  going  to  help  organise  and  co-ordinate  all  Union Executive  social  functions  alongside  the  other  Union  Executives.  I will help  the  various  clubs  and societies  organize  fundraising  events.  I will  also  work  with  the  Formal  Committee  to  organise  the  Formal. I  am  looking  forward  to  another  great  year  of  Ranch  nights  out.   

Niamh McGirr (BEd 4 Religious Studies)

Community Outreach & Volunteering Officer


Hi I’m  Niamh,  I  am  very  excited  to  be  your  community  volunteering officer  for  this  year.  I  will  ensure  that  the  Union  is  well  represented in  all  external  bodies  and  community  groups.  I  will  work  closely  with the  International  Officer  and  Cultural  Officer  to  ensure  that  all  St Mary’s  upholds  a  positive  image  with  the  local  and  international community.  I  will  also  help  the  President  and  Vice-President  to organise  the  Community  Fair.  

Corrie Murray & Ciara Rafferty (BEd4 Gaeilge/ BEd 4 English)

International Officers


Hiya, we  are Corrie and Ciara your international  officers  for  the year  ahead.  After  going  on  Erasmus  ourselves  and  having  such  an amazing  time,  we're  happy  to  be  able  to  guide  any  of  our  students who  would  like  to  be  involved  in  the  Erasmus  programme/other  international  opportunities.  We  will  be  on  hand  to  provide  support 
and  guidance  for  our  international  students,  ensuring  that  their  time at  St  Mary‘s  is  as  enjoyable  as  possible  for  their  once  in  a  lifetime experience.