July 2020


30-Point Modules

From Wednesday 1st July - Tuesday 7th July 2020


EDC7006 Principles into Practice in the Early Years
EDC7007 Current Issues in the Teaching of Language and Literacy
EDC7012 Behaviour Issues in the Context of Special Educational Needs
EDC7015 Leaders in Catholic Schools
EDC7059 Contemporary Leadership issues for the Effective School
EDC7070 Developing Coaching Science and Physical Education in Schools
EDC7079 Understanding, Supporting and Teaching Pupils with Specific Literacy Difficulties
EDC7081 Putting the Sting into STEM (a thematic approach)
EDC7084 Treorú na Foghlama i Ré Dhigiteach



10-Point Module

From Wednesday 1st July Thursday 2nd July 2020

EDC7043 Saibhreas agus Cruinneas na Gaeilge