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Mission Mission Statement

Strategy 21 is the College's institutional plan for sustainability over the period 2011 to 2016. It is based on the work of the PA Consulting Group and their 'Report on the Way Forward'.

The strategy has three broad themes. Firstly, it affirms the College's mission, identity and strategic priorities. Secondly, it asserts the foundations for development. Thirdly, it presents the key development action points to build a sustainable future and establish the Collegeís competitive position.

Ewart Wooldridge CBE is the founding chief executive of the Leadership Foundation and in the magazine ENGAGE, winter 2010-11, he had the following to say about strategic planning in our time.

"Our ability to plan ahead is seriously constrained by lack of clarity about the detail of funding and government policy. The distinction between strategic plans and operating plans has eroded as they end up covering similar time horizons. And the strategy process is moving from one which is under-focused to one which is driven by the market and wider stakeholders.

In many ways, the new kind of strategy is less a route map of how we are to navigate the future (since we do not know the whole map), and more an assessment of an institutionís capacity to be agile and flexible in the face of emergent and unpredictable change. There is likely to be heavy emphasis on having: the right people and organisational culture; a vision that is truly engaging; a capacity to optimise the student experience; and innovative stakeholder alliances which deliver new sources of funding and influence".

Strategy 21 (summary)

Strategy 21 - An Institutional Plan for Sustainability

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