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Gaelic Games Bursaries


Niall Sludden, Winner of a Cadbury’s Bursary


Niall Sludden, Winner of a Cadbury’s Bursary


Twelve students from St Mary’s University College Belfast have recently received financial support in the form of a bursary from the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) to support their sports careers.

The GAA bursary is funded by both the national GAA and the provincial GAA and is aimed at supporting higher education students who devote a significant amount of time to training for their athletic or administrative roles within GAA clubs. Applicants for a student bursary are scored on such factors as the highest level at which they have played, honours, coaching qualifications and the level of the coaching or administrative roles they hold within clubs.

Nine St Mary’s students—Caoimhín Duffin, Richard O'Callaghan, Paula Donnelly, Stephen Tierney, Aaron Cosgrove, Michael Fegan, Jude Savage, Eoin McCaffrey and Orla Whelan— received bursaries of €640 as playing members of clubs within the College, while three students—John McAteer, David Digney and Jody Mussen—received bursaries as club administrators.

Great credit is due to all of the above-named students for their hard work and commitment to Gaelic games within St Mary’s, both on and off the field of play.

Niall Sludden, also of St Marys University College, has received one of only three Cadbury’s national level bursaries of €750 from within the province of Ulster. Niall was selected through the same scoring system as the GAA bursary and is one of the top three students competing at third level within Ulster. This is a tremendous achievement for the young Tyrone man.