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International Fund Award

College Partnership Secures International Fund for Ireland Funding


Professor Peter Finn, Dr Patricia Eaton & Dr Anne Heaslett


(L-R) Professor Peter Finn, Dr Patricia Eaton & Dr Anne Heaslett


Dr Anne Heaslett, Principal of Stranmillis University College and Professor Peter Finn, Principal of St Mary’s University College congratulate Dr Patricia Eaton, who led the joint Stranmillis and St Mary’s team that secured £839k (1 million Euro) to deliver the CREDIT programme (Classrooms Re-imagined: Education in Diversity & Inclusion for Teachers Programme) allocated under the International Fund for Ireland Sharing in Education Programme.


Dr Heaslett commented:

“We were delighted with last week’s announcement from the International Fund for Ireland and would highly commend the work of Dr Eaton and her team drawn from both Colleges.”


The Programme sets out to provide training courses for existing teachers across Northern Ireland in primary and post-primary schools to assist them in developing awareness and practical skills in dealing with division, diversity, inclusion and community relations in both the classroom and the wider school environment. Central to the project is the opportunity for teachers to embed the practices in their classrooms.


Professor Peter Finn, Principal of St Mary’s University College, said:

“I am delighted that St Mary’s and Stranmillis University Colleges will jointly deliver a project to support the continuing professional development of teachers, particularly as it will be in the area of education for community relations and community cohesion. I believe that the International Fund for Ireland has recognised both the great potential of the University Colleges in successful CPD work and our long track record of jointly delivering the Initial Teacher Programme of Diversity and Mutual Understanding.”


Planning will now begin to offer the CREDIT programme in the 2011 — 12 academic year. Dr Patricia Eaton, Professional Development Coordinator at Stranmillis said:

“Too often short term training courses have limited impact on practice so this programme sets out to transform classrooms by giving teachers time and space to reflect on their practice, to work with other schools and agencies and to really re-imagine the way education in diversity and inclusion is incorporated into their classrooms.”