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Professor Peter Finn and Mr Brian McFall briefed the Committee for Employment and Learning on developments at St Mary’s on March 2nd 2011.

They reported on a wide range of achievements at the College, particularly the outcome of the National Student Survey. Reference was also made to substantial investment in the College Estate in the recent past, the outcome of ETI Inspections, the growing profile of the Liberal Arts degree and international as well as community linkages.

The College’s main challenge was set out as the risk of failing to prevent reductions in allocated student numbers.


Professor Finn concluded by saying:

“We want DEL in future to be a facilitator and enabler of the sustainability of St Mary’s. A neutral stance from the Department is not appropriate in our view. DEL has, within its authority, the levers to effect ways of overcoming the challenges we face.”


Listen to the Committee for Employment & Learning meeting — 2nd March 2011