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Fronter Rooms


Fronter Rooms


Patrick McCoy from St Mary’s University College was one of eight student teachers to have been singled out for his creative approach to teaching and learning by C2k and Capita Managed IT Solutions. Other winners came from the University of Ulster, Queen’s University Belfast and Stranmillis University College.

Patrick and the other seven students were each awarded an iPad for developing a "Fronter room", an online virtual learning environment (VLE) accessed through Capita’s cloud-based learning portal MY-SCHOOL. Fronter provides round-the-clock access to school applications, systems and services from any device with an internet connection.

Teachers throughout Northern Ireland can use these "Ready-2-Go" rooms to create and share lesson plans and educational resources on a wide variety of subjects. Patrick’s innovative Fronter room aims to develop children’s programming skills and includes a lesson plan for "Coderdojo", an out of school computer coding club. Acknowledging the creativity and talents of the student teachers from St Mary’s, Tim Matchett from C2k said:

"We are delighted that our young teachers of the future are embracing the technologies that support the delivery of teaching and learning in schools today. These core skills are exactly what is needed for the future of education, and the Fronter rooms created by these students will be of great value to many more teachers and pupils throughout Northern Ireland."

Ed Brown, managing director of Capita Managed IT Solutions, added: "We applaud Patrick for the way he has embraced this innovative approach to learning and skills sharing. It demonstrates how technology is playing such an inclusive role in our schools, enabling teachers to make the most of the new Education Network and utilising its full potential for teachers and pupils alike."

St Mary’s hosted an event to mark the achievement of the eight student teachers, and NEELB TV have produced this excellent news clip below.