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Summer Transition School 2014


Summer Transition School  Photo


St Mary’s University College is once again delighted to host a Summer Transition School in co-operation with the West Belfast Partnership Board (WBPB) and post-primary schools in the West Belfast Constituency area.

The Summer Transition School makes an important contribution to our mission to support young people to achieve their full potential and to aspire to higher education. It is also part of the wider strategy of the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) to raise the attainment levels of our young people and encourage them to achieve the "Skills to Succeed" and to "Reach Higher".

The purpose of the Summer Transition School is to offer additional support to pupils who might find the transition from primary to post-primary education challenging. This is a crucial time for intervention: many of the pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds and may need a great deal of practical and emotional support to make the move successfully to the post-primary school sector.

The Summer Transition School will cater for over 150 young people in classes on campus, and the enthusiasm and energy of the children is always inspiring. In addition to the classroom activities here in the College, the week of activities will also include trips to W5 and to the Armagh Planetarium. A great deal of hard work and dedication goes into the preparation of the Summer School, and St Mary’s is grateful to the WBPB, the teachers, the classroom assistants and our own BEd students and College staff for all their support. We have no doubt that vital relationships are forged here over the week, and it will be an altogether very successful and enjoyable experience.

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