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Careers Information Fair

31 October 2017
St Mary's will hold its annual Careers Fair on Tuesday, 24 October 2017....

Paddy Diamond

26 October 2017
Paddy Diamond presents a copy of "Passing the Flame" to St Mary's University College....

International Students 2017-18

2 October 2017
International students arrive at St Mary's for the new term....

Sport and Culture

September 2017
Sport and Culture...

Ladies' Day at the Ranch

31 October 2017
Ladies' Day at the Ranch was held recently at St Mary's....

National Student Survey

16 August 2017
St Mary's achieves high rating for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey....

Psychology Week

9 October 2017
St Mary's hosts talks as part of the "Psychology Week" organised by the British Psychological Society....

College Open Days

15 September 2017
St Mary's Holds Open Days on 12-13 September 2017...

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