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Teacher Education

Programme Aims

St Mary’s provides teachers and education-related professionals with a stimulating, welcoming and supportive environment in which they have the opportunity to work alongside a strong community of like-minded professionals. The programme has the following aims:

  • To provide teachers with the targeted and supportive professional development needed to improve standards and raise achievement in schools.
  • To facilitate school improvement.
  • To nurture the talent, ambition and achievement of teachers who are committed to their own professional development.
  • To support career-long professional development.
  • To embed a culture of self-evaluation in teachers by encouraging them to engage in critical reflection when carrying out school or classroom based research.
  • To facilitate professional collaboration and the sharing of good practice.
  • To help steer teachers and schools through educational change.
  • To inspire creativity, passion and optimism in the teaching profession.
  • To make educational excellence and success accessible to all by providing a dynamic, flexible and wide-ranging programme of professional development courses.
  • To promote personal excellence, teamwork and leadership in educational professionals.

The College recognises that teachers and educational professionals have busy lives and wish to access M-level accredited courses in a variety of ways. Our approach to delivering modules is therefore flexible and includes a Masters Summer School Week in July, a range of online modules and modules that are taught over a series of consecutive Saturdays.

Prospectus and Programme Information

M-Level Programme Structure



M-Level Programme Structure

The Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MEd are exit qualifications within the Masters-Level Programme.


Master of Education (MEd)

180 M-points

4 M-level modules, plus a 15-20,000 word dissertation.



2 modules chosen from specialist option,

1 research module,

1 other module from the listed options,




Postgraduate Diploma in Education Studies

120 M-points
4 M-level modules



2 modules chosen from specialist option,

2 other modules from the listed options




Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies

60 M-points
2 M-level modules


2 modules from the listed options



Master of Education / Postgraduate Diploma Specialist Options

Students wishing to obtain an MEd or Postgraduate Diploma award normally take at least two modules within a specific specialist option.The specialist options are:

  • Curriculum Development and Primary Education
  • Early Years Education
  • Leadership for Learning
  • English and Literacy in the Curriculum
  • Irish and Irish-Medium Education
  • Pastoral Issues
  • Effective Teaching
  • Special Education
  • Developing Physical Education, School Sport and Coaching Science


All modules are assessed by coursework. There are no formal written examinations.

Further Information: